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HERITAGE 013-055

Modelo HERITAGE 013-055
Código NHS013
Marca Newtone Strings
Precio 12,40€
Cantidad Se necesita un valor.Formato no válido.El valor introducido es inferior al mínimo permitido.
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Esta serie de Newtone nos ofrece una versión de estas fantásticas cuerdas pero con una tension menor, lo cual te permite poder hacer bending con tu acústica. Una gran opción para tus bolos con la acústica donde se hacen versiones de los grandes del rock donde los solos con la acústica están muy presentes.

NHS-013 .013 .017 .22w .031 .042 .055

These strings are a completely new range which are designed to have a reduced and virtually equal tension on each string. They are made on Round cores with unique core-to-wrap ratios, so the gauges which match up with some of our standard sets are not the same at all!

There are several advantages of using these strings. Vintage guitars, light braced guitars and people who have problems fretting due to arthritis or tendonitis can use these strings without worrying about twisting or uneven pulling on the bridge. Low tensions also mean ease of fretting.

Gordon Giltrap has given us his first impressions of the strings:
"Anyone who has spent time playing the acoustic guitar will testify to the fact that string gauge and action can make all the difference in the world to how an instrument can respond. I have spent most of my playing life trying to get my guitars to play as easy as possible, and have spent many hours experimenting with different string gauges and coming to the conclusion that it really is a play off between tonality and playability, but at long last here is string that gives the player the best of both worlds.

I have never been a 'muscular' player with the strength that some players are naturally born with, so for me these superb low tension strings are a God send, giving a great sound with a wonderful ease of playing. Enjoy the feel of an electric on your chosen acoustic and experience the difference."

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