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Sabbadius New Funky-Vibe 69 (Black)
New Funky-Vibe 69 2020 Black

Modelo New Funky-Vibe 69 2020 Black
Marca Sabbadius
Precio 695,00€
Cantidad Se necesita un valor.Formato no v?lido.El valor introducido es inferior al m?nimo permitido.
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* VOLUME: sets the output volume.

* SPEED: sets the effect's speed in either mode.

* INTENSITY: sets the effect's intensity or depth.

* CHORUS - VIBRATO Mode ROCKER SWITCH: sets whether CHORUS Mode or VIBRATO Mode is


* CANCEL Footswitch: activates the lamp Bulb to swirl the effect or turn off the lamp

to use as a Pre-Amp like original Uni-Vibe's does.

* Expression pedal jack: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) output jack (Amphenol) for an expression

pedal, allowing to control the effect's speed with your foot (EXPRESSION PEDAL NOT


* POWER SW. ON/OFF: Allows the current to flow into the circuit.

* TRUE BYPASS: Premium quality 3PDT True Bypass footswitch to turn the effect ON/OFF.

* INSTRUMENT: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) Input jack for instruments.

* OUTPUT: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) Output jack for amplifiers or other effects.

* INPUT: 100, 120, 127, 220, 230, OR 240 Vac or Custom Made Transformer/ OUTPUT: 14Vac

~ 200mA

* Soft Rocker Switch RED / WHITE: Hand painted with airbrush and lacquered with enamel

paint with a glossy finish.

* Fuse socket with a fuse inside that is there to protect the circuit in case there is

an overload on the voltage.

* Custom Made Photocells exclusive for Sabbadius Electronics.

* More VOLUME for CHORUS Mode.

* SPEED LED indicator.

* Black Chicken Head Knobs with Crest.

* More 3D Underwater kind of sound.

* Original 1960s Japanese Lamp Bulb

* 100% Hand Wired & Hand Weldings.

* 100% analog circuit.Material: Aluminium enclosure.Size: Length 182mm x Width 115mm x

Height 60mm.Weight: 925grs. Aprox.